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Homework Help: Nagivation problem?

  1. Apr 8, 2010 #1
    A bush pilot wants to fly her plane to a lake that is 250.0 km [N30.0°E] from her starting point. The plane has an air speed of 210.0 km/h and a wind is blowing from the west at 40.0 km/h.

    a) In what direction should she head the plane to fly in directly to the lake?
    After determining Vpa, Vag I tried heading = sin^-1 (40/210) = 20, but i think that would only work if it was just 250.0 km instead on 250.0 km [N30.0°E].

    b) If she uses the heading determined in (a), what will be her velocity relative to the ground?
    no idea since i can't get a.
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    Why don't you draw a diagram?
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    There is my diagram but i'm not sure if it is right.

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