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Naming of the leptons

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    Hi, I am currently an undergraduate student and I am writing my undergraduate research paper right now.

    The thesis is about searching for heavy Majorana type neutrinos.

    While writing the paper, I really need some 'right word' but I can't find it so let me explain it here, and it would be very grateful if someone tells me what the right word is.

    Let's say there is a channel whose final objects have 3 leptons (and other stuffs too).

    We usually call the lepton with the biggest transverse-momentum 'leading lepton'.
    And the second biggest 'sub-leading lepton'.

    However, I can't find the word for the smallest transverse-momentum.
    Can anyone tell me a proper term for the lepton with smallest transverse-momentum?

    Maybe... following lepton? or... sub-sub-leading lepton (since it has the smallest but also the third biggest momentum)?
    Doesn't the right term exist??
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    The usual name is "third [particly type]". Here: third lepton.
    There can always be more leptons at lower energy from hadron decays and so on, something with the smallest pT is not well-defined.
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    Just from a semantics point of view the opposite of leading is either trailing or lagging. But neither of these make sense in this context.
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    it would have been something like next to the subleading (my naming).
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    Sometimes we say leading, sub-leading, and sub-sub leading, though its nicer to use the Leading Order (LO) Next-to-Leading Order (NLO), Next-to-Next-to Leading Order (NNLO), etc.
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    Since it's a matter of word choice, you can ask your supervisor whether he knows of any such term... otherwise you can just use somekind of naming like "sub-sub-leading" (as Hepth mentioned above) like inventing one and explain in your text what you mean by it.
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