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Naming Plasma changes

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    Most of us know that when a liquid goes to a gas its called evaporation. We also know of deposition, sublimation, condensation, etc., but what are the names of the changes dealing with plasma? If plasma were change into a liquid, it is called? A solid? A gas? Are these even possible?

    Thanks in advance
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    Theoretically, these transitions from plasma to gas and so on are possible, yet practically we are not able to implement them.

    Plasma's are very usefull as an energy-source, yet we cannot manipulate them very well because they are so hot that the surrounding "plasma-plant" would melt down. This can sound a bit childish, yet it is one of the biggest problems with plasma's and the engineering of them.

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    I think the word you are looking for is ionization.
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    True story,
    a plasma is generated by "heating" a gas that much , so there is enough kinetic energy that the gas-atoms become freely moving ions and electrons...

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