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Nanosecond Max Current of Residual-Current Circuit Breaker

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    To protect against a nuclear EMP (NEMP) usually a big metal box is used, which is electrically connected to earth, to discharge the electrical pulse.

    Most houses in europe have a 3-grid electric system, L, Neutral (N) and Protective Earth (PE).

    Is it possible to use the PE wire as EMP discharge to ground?

    Please keep in mind, that the PE does not go to earth directly, but has to pass the residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB), which may be damaged by the nano-second long high current discharge.

    Conclusively, what is the 50 nano-second maximum current of a residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB), which has a permanent maximum current of 16 Ampere?

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    I don't think any of that matters because EMP reaches your electronics directly, even if it is not plugged into the wall.

    My boat was hit by lightning. The EMP destroyed almost all my electronics, even things that were turned off and even a hand-held walkie-talkie radio.
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    @ anorlunda
    Lightning and EMP are totally different things ...

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    No. You need to learn some basic electricity including Maxwell's Equations.

    Near (not in) a lightning strike, there is an EMP having a range of a few meters. The EMP from a nuclear explosion is similar but its range is hundreds of km.

    You can get started by reading this
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    If EMP protection is a military secret and following you cannot discuss it, please just say that and do not constantly remove comments.

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    The OP does not seem to be interested in the answers to his question.

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