Nasty Continued Fraction

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In summary, the student asked about a continued fraction that converges to a certain number, and was told it was in Sloane's list. However, the student found the fraction they were looking for was actually wrong.f
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If anybody can evaluate this, please let me know...

Infix notation:

Postfix notation:
1 2 3 4 5 6 ... n ... / + / + / + / + ... / + ...
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I can't evaluate it but I can look it up. It's BesselI(0,2)/BesselI(1,2). The inverse of Sloane A052119. [Broken]
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I can't evaluate it but I can look it up. It's BesselI(0,2)/BesselI(1,2). The inverse of Sloane A052119. [Broken]

Ooops. I was reading it as a simple continued fraction, and it's not, sorry.
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Why was this moved to homework help? This is no homework problem. I challenge whoever dared move this to this forum to provide the answer or relinquish their moderation powers. Silly mods.
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The mods are just trying to make this a livable place. Sometimes they make mistakes. A moderator that makes occasional mistakes in relocating threads is a lot better than no moderation. Trust me. But anyway, do you have a good reason for thinking there is an evaluation and why do you want to know? Just curious.
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If you like, one of those "silly mods" could just delete this for you.
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Whoa guys, no offense meant. Sheesh, serious mods.

Anywho, the reason I was wondering about this was that a student asked about it in my class. Apparently this thing does converge to around ~0.38, and I was just wondering if a more "pure" mathematician could help me out.
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If you think about it, it would be just as hard to 'evaluate' (express in terms of elementary functions) an arbitrary continued fraction as an arbitrary string of digits. About all you can do is see if somebody has stumbled across it somehow. I took 1+1/(2+1/(3+1/(4+1/(5+1/... and evaluated it to a reasonable number of significant digits and hunted for it in Sloane's list. Was pretty happy to find something until I realized I'd gotten your fraction wrong. I don't find a hit for your form.

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