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Homework Help: Natural Log Question

  1. Dec 11, 2005 #1
    I have a tricky natural log in front of me.

    It's ln(1/x).

    The reason it's tricky is because I thought that I could re-write it as ln(1)-ln(x), as per the rules of logs, but that doesn't seem to agree with my calculator. Is there a reason why?

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    you put it in your calculator wrong?
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    Works just fine for me. Check your parenthesis or something
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    And of course, log(1)= 0 so this is -ln(x). You could also have used the "power rule" to say ln(1/x)= ln(x-1)= -ln(x).

    Is that what your calculator is giving you? Remember- you are supposed to be smarter than your calculator!:smile:
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