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  1. F

    Solving for time in an exponential equation

    Homework Statement In my book, there is a formula that gives the amount (in grams) of Radium in a jar after t years (100 grams were initially stored): R = 100⋅e-0.00043⋅t The book asks me to sketch the graph of the equation. I decided to find a point where the time elapsed equals the...
  2. Jezza

    Confusing log limit

    Homework Statement \lim\limits_{x \to 0} \left(\ln(1+x)\right)^x Homework Equations Maclaurin series: \ln(1+x) = x - \frac{x^2}{2} + \frac{x^3}{3} + ... + (-1)^{r+1} \frac{x^r}{r} + ... The Attempt at a Solution We're considering vanishingly small x, so just taking the first term in the...
  3. S

    B Integrating velocity equation problem

    I've already completed the first question, but with number two, it's a different case. Here's my attempt: \frac { d{ v }_{ y } }{ dt } \quad =\quad -g\quad -\quad \beta { v }_{ y }\\ \frac { d{ v }_{ y } }{ -g\quad -\quad \beta { v }_{ y } } \quad =\quad dt\\ \int { \frac { d{ v }_{ y } }{...
  4. S

    Natural log differentiation question

    Homework Statement f(x) = 1/ln (10-x) -- I would assume it to be a fairly simple equation, but I am screwing it up Homework Equations What is f'(x)? The Attempt at a Solution f'(x) = (ln (10-x))^-1 = -(ln (10-x))^-2 * -1 * 1/(10-x) -- 2 negatives cancel out = 1/(10-x)...
  5. T

    Derivative of a natural log

    Homework Statement I posted a picture of it and my attempt it is number 3 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried using log properties and I am not sure what went wrong and how to arrive at the correct answer. Mod note: Messy, disorganized image deleted.
  6. C

    Muon Decay question

    Homework Statement By taking the natural logarithms of each side, that this equation can be linearized by making a semi logarithmic plot. Identify the variables and state what the slope , and y-intercept would represent. Homework Equations F=Fo*e^-(d/cτ) The Attempt at a Solution I tried...