Nebraska nuclear plant thread.

Precise flow rates for the new channel would be unknowable till the new channel stabilizes. Since meanderings of the lower Missouri River essentially stopped with the completion of the Pick-Sloan dams decades ago, there really isn't a modern knowledge base of what to expect regarding that process. The new channel appears to be longer than the segment of the Missouri River it is bypassing, so the fall per mile is lower than the main channel. An 'Old Timer' in the area asserts this will prevent the main channel of the river from transferring to the new channel, as the river will seek the path of least resistance, and the river also 'prefers' a constant fall per mile also. (I'm sure there are posters here that can explain the hydrodynamics of all that for us if needed).

Flow rates from Gavin's Point Dam are very available; internet, phone, etc., and plant management could also walk out to the river and see if there is any water there, so they would always be able to synchronize their power generation (and heat sink requirements) to the available flow past their facility.

The Army Corp Of Engineers has made it abundantly clear they manage the river strictly for the benefit of upstream recreation, nonexistent downstream barge traffic, and wildlife concerns. Like area residents and farmers, OPPD will adapt.

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