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Homework Help: Need a little help starting this integral

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    I have tried substitution, partial fraction decomposition, and integration by parts but I cant seem to figure it out. Any help is much appriciated. o:)
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    Physics Monkey

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    Hint: multiply top and bottom by [tex] e^{-x} [/tex].
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    okay, then I can use u sub, which nets...

    [tex]-ln (1+e^{-x})[/tex]

    is that right?
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    That does not seem right. What I have I done wrong?


    [tex]u = 1+e^{-x}\\-du = e^{-x}[/tex]

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    It looks right to me, why do you think it's wrong?
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    After further review, I dont think its wrong. I guess I am just working on building confidence in the integration process and I was hoping for some confirmation that is was done right. Thank you. These forums have been extremely helpful and I really appriciate all the quick and intelligent responces.
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