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Need help developing an idea, solar energy heliostats

  1. Nov 23, 2014 #1
    So i was wondering could you use two helio stats so there was two refraction points, the second one focusing the beam of solar energy back downwards? If so could you use multiple helio stats to meet at refraction point # 2 magnifying the beam thats pointed downwards? In theory it should work correct? Also, could this beam be projected over long distances from refraction point #1 to #2 if focused correctly by a curved mirror/ helio stat or lens? In theory it should work, correct? I'm no physics major I could use any feedback. Thank you!
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  3. Nov 24, 2014 #2
    Can you provide a diagram of what you mean? Your description isn't entirely clear, are you changing the direction the beam is propogating in more than once?
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