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Need help plotting Fourier series in matlab

  1. Sep 24, 2013 #1
    Hi all my first post as I need to seek help!

    I have just learned some simple fourier series stuff and would like to be able to plot my answers in matlab.

    Assuming this is correct I was wondering if someone would be able to walk me through plotting this equation in Matlab?

    [tex] y=\sum_{n=1}^\infty (3sin(2∏nx))/(n∏)[/tex]
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    Here is some quick and dirty code to plot this over the domain [itex]-2\pi \le x \le 2\pi[/itex] for n up to 10,000

    Code (Text):

    %Use linspace() for the domain, it generates 100 evenly spaced points over
    %a specified interval
    x = linspace(-2*pi,2*pi);

    %Define your function anonymously with two variables, X and N
    y = @(X,N) (3./N*pi)*sin(2*pi*N*X);

    %Loop through the n values and evaluate the function over the domain x for
    %each value of n. Store those values in the rows of Y such that the first
    %row of Y is n=1, the second is n=2, etc...
    for n = 1:10000
    Y(n,:) = y(x,n);

    %Plot all rows of Y

    %Plot the summation over n

    See the plots in the attached files.

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    Maybe it is the linespace that is the problem is there a way to evenly space more than 100 points in the domain?

    edit: no come to think of it I don't think this will help do you know why this doesn't resemble a Fourier series?
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    Dr Transport

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    linspace(-2*pi, 2*pi, N) gives N evenly spaced points.
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    Wow just realised the equation must be wrong as it tends to 0 as n tends to infinity which should not happen.
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    So where did you derive the equation from? It sounds like you need to start over.
  8. Oct 3, 2013 #7
    yeh it was a simple example used to teach me about Fourier series. I thought would be fun to see how the series works out but I fear I may have done it wrong

    f(x)=3 ; 0<x<1
    =-3 ; -1<x<0

    Sorry about the formatting still new to me
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