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Need help understanding Collapsed Configurations of stellar Mass

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    I would first like to note i'm not a physicist. I'm a Cg artist trying to recreate a Type II Supernovae collapsing into a black hole using the particle systems in Maya 2011, But I want it to be as accurate to the existing model currently used in astrophysics. The current papers i'm reading to try and understand this are "The Highly Collapsed Configurations of a Stellar Mass" By: S. Chandrasekhar (Both Papers), " A Rigorous Examinations of the Chandrasekhar Theory of Stellar Collapse" by: Elliott H. Lieb and Horng-Tzer Yau, and "The Neutron Star and Initial Mass Function" By: F.X. Timmes, S.E. Woosley and Thomas A. Weaver. If you know other papers I should reference along with these please feel free to point me toward them. The current Problem i'm faced with atm is understanding the Equations and applying them to the existing particle systems in Maya 2011. This is a field that with recent discoveries in Theoretical Physics , and the whole Dark Matter/Dark energy/Dark Flow. Has got me wanting to understand and apply these, as well as driving me to learn Mathematics/ and the many forms of Physics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again for your time,

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    For Example ... the process in which I would create the Star before it becomes a White dwarf for me is simple but the configuration of the collapse into a White dwarf and forces involved in making the particles collapse into the black hole as i don't understand the equations (I can grasp the concepts I just don't fully understand the math involved) is the issue for me. And even after I understand them I have the issue of transposing them into a form that maya can interpret, and act accordingly. I'm sure the task ahead of me is a daunting one, and I'm willing to take the time and effort to understand them. I just need some direction, and reference to the materials to learn the fundamentals involved in at least completing this task.
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