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Homework Help: Need Help with formulas please

  1. Aug 9, 2004 #1


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    Hello, the teacher gave us this assignment in which we had to separate some variables from equations. (example: E=mc^2 for m -> m=E/c^2). I had trouble with 4 of them (the ones in the attachment), I would appreciate some help, The procedure is really important since I want to learn how to solve them.

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    Hi woz,

    While we're waiting for the attachment to get approved...

    Why don't you go ahaid and post what you've tried / where you're stuck on them. It'll help us help you.
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    9. Do you know how to complete the square?

    10. Can you get thins in terms of [itex] \cos \theta[/itex] and apply [itex]\arccos[/itex] to both sides?

    11. Simmilar to 10

    15. This seems to be a trick question, the equation isn't dependent on m at all :confused:
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    the solution in a word doc

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