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Homework Help: Need Help with Graphing Calculator Project

  1. Nov 7, 2007 #1
    Can anyone give me an idea of a picture I can create on a graphing calculator using 10 graphs (at least 3 different types). Types of graphs can be sine, cosine, tangenet, cotangent,secant, cosecant, line, parabola, cubic, radical, quadratic Radical, absolute value and rational.
    I think I will know how to draw it using the graphs, I just think of an applicable picture. I am drawing a blank. I know I am making it more difficult than it is. Can anyone help me get started? Whatever help you can offer will be appreicated.
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  3. Nov 8, 2007 #2
    What kind of picture does this need to be? Does it need to be an original creation, a logo, something that can be applied to future studies such as integration or differentiation? With a little more information I think there are a few ideas that could be generated.
  4. Nov 8, 2007 #3
    Additional info on graphs

    Thanks for your reply! A very simple graph such as a kite. It is strictly an extra point project for my Calculus class, in which I could surely use the extra points. As long as the picture created comes from at least 10 graphs of which 3 are different types from the list give previously, then it would be okay. I think I know how to create the graphs on the calculator, I just lack the ability to be creative enought to think of picture simple enough to graph. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Examples of some of the equations would be awesome. I just need help getting started. Last year I missed out on all the extra points in my Advanced Math class because I just couldn't get started. I don't want the same thing to happen this year. There are a lot more steps to the project, but I know how to do that part. It's this part that I get stuck.
    Thanks for any help you can give.
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