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Need Help with Self-Study Plan

  1. Apr 30, 2006 #1
    Hi. I am a mathematics major and will graduate soon in a few months time. I came into the university 4 years ago with a dream of obtaining a good degree and pursue a PhD afterwards. Unfortunately things did not go smoothly, and I basically screw my grades up because of emotional problems and all that, with a D+ in my Ordinary Differential Equations and subsequently another D in my second course in Algebra (I have average of B in most mathematics courses, with a few A) :cry: In my third year I took Differential Geometry and realized that my main interest lies in geometry and geometrical aspects of physics, but unfortunately my department does not have much courses in these areas.

    I will be graduating soon with at best, only a Second Lower Honours, and as expected I had been rejected by the graduate school in my own university.

    Anyway I am better off getting a job first because I have accumulated lots of debts from my undergraduate study loan which does not allow me to defer even if I get into graduate school. However I have a strong interest in geometry and mathematical physics which refuses to die :tongue: ... so I figure that I should continue to study anyway and perhaps do some research on my own when I am ready, whether or not I go into graduate school. I will still be able to consult my professors whenever necessary, but I am not sure how feasible self-study is when I have a job to do :confused:

    Also, I am not sure what subjects should I master. I should probably re-learn algebra first since I barely passed the second course. My main interests are in black holes and cosmology, but I have not done any physics courses except Relativity and basic astronomy. How much should I master, say, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Field Theory etc.? As for mathematics, I have background in Functional Analysis, Differential Manifolds, Complex Analysis and the standard undergraduate courses, and I did my Honours Project on Riemannian Geometry. I am thinking of learning Hyperbolic Geometry and Lie Groups. In what order should I learn all these? For example, should I learn Lie Group and Lie Algebra before Quantum Mechanics? And is there any other subject that I should definitely learn?

    I would appreciate any suggestion. :smile: Maybe after I clear my debt in a few years time I will try applying to graduate schools again... though I am not sure whether I can go anywhere with my lousy transcript. :rolleyes:
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  3. May 1, 2006 #2
    How about this http://www.a-star.edu.sg/ ???

    it looks good, only some pictures that might be ugly in your eyes. It's just an explicable fact that there are not enough diversity in the area. I am too myself an Asian though,...
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