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Need of automotive knowledge

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    I have recently started working at an automotive company at the body and trim section and I feel like learning everything about the area. I have had trouble finding good study material at the library and with my searches on the internet so therefore I ask you guys for some help.

    From start I would like to learn about the basics of the body, purposes of the different parts and their design, things like that. Also calculating and understanding about collisions. But generally everything since I dont really know which area I would like to focus on.

    Tips on all kind of sites, books & other information sources that could give me that kind of knowledge which i am looking for is welcome!

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    Welcome to PF!

    I found this website that has links to many articles related to car design that may be of interest. You'll have to poke around to see if it has what you're looking for.


    For the physics of collision, there are some basic physics principles but I don't know offhand some resource that relates car parts to the physics of collision other than bumpers and airbags.
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    Thank you guys! As for the collision part, I meant like the science about steel plate and deformation, stuff like that.

    If you think of something that may be useful, just post it!
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