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Need quality material on solid/ applied mechanics

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    Hi everyone,

    Can you please tell me some good reading material on solid/ applied mechanics available on the internet? i want downloadable links or may be good informative internet sites where i can get basics of solid mechanics and applied mechanics.

    Hope someone helps.

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    THANX gokul!
    I was using Ferdinan L. Singers book. Just needed some other reference. The notes on the internet sites are superb. Also I have heard about the Timoshenko book. I will look for it. Thanx again for the help.
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    Timoshenko all the way pamichel!

    A lecturer once told us, "you must all go out and buy Timoshenko's mechanics textbook".

    We'd not heard of him before, so a mate asked for a repetition so that we could make a note of it.

    "Ok, so this Tim O'Shenko, Irish is he?"
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