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Homework Help: Need serious help! Physics and baseballHuge errors?

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    if you want to help
    my lab is on physics and baseball and the elasticity of the collisions between the ball and the bat
    email me at roxysurfgirl916@yahoo.com
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    please anyone?
    just post here that you're willing to help and i'll send you my questions =(
    i'm super stressed out
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    Because this is an open, public forum, most people tend to prefer to do all the discussion on here rather than via e-mail or privately. In fact, it is to YOUR advantage and protection that things are done on here so that there are others who can monitor the accuracy of the info that you've been given.

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    okay i'm just super paranoid that someone my teacher is going to find this and realize tommorow (when he gets the lab writeup and sees the presentation) that it was me.
    he's really into physics so i wouldn't doubt for one second that he goes on these kind of websites.

    will you help me perhaps? :(
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    okay i wrote it
    i guess i'll just edit it and delete it later after i've been helped
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    26 views and no response?
    anyone? even if you can only answer 1 or 2 parts of my problem...
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    Why don't you ask the question first? Then we can decide if we can help you or not.
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