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hello people of physics,

i am a 14 year old boy from Greece and i am generaly attracted to physics...but...relativity has caused me some troubles...
for some reason i havent found an understandable guide to understand relativity..
i dont know if my intelligence growth is enough to understand it but worths giving it a try!

what i would like to know is if anyone of you is willing to help me understand it or share with me an understanble guide !

with respect to my co-physicians,

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The people here probably know better books than the ones I've read, but from layman to layman I'd highly recommend Banesh Hoffmann's "Relativity and its Roots", by far the most comprehensible explanation of special and general relativity I've read so far (wikipedia's articles are great too).

I looked up Hoffmann's book and it's even available as a google book:

(Remove the _ in http to get the address, I haven't got to the 15 posts threshold I'm required to cross before posting URL's :P)
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Thank you my friend i really appreciate your assisstance...
Though, i dont think my English is enough improved to understand this entire book so i would like to look for something in my language so that it would be more comprehensible and easier for me to understand !!!

i will look up for Hoffman's book in Greek and anyone's else our co-physicians will suggest...
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I rather doubt that many people here are acquainted with physics books in Greek, but maybe you'll get lucky!