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Need suggestions for PhD on Computational Physics

  1. Jan 23, 2016 #1
    Though there are several posts regarding Compuational Physics, I think my post is a little bit different from them. Currently I am doing my MS in Physics in Miami University and I am in my first year. I am searching a PhD program/group who work experimental and theoretical (computational) work in Condensed Matter Physics. I am doing a research on magnetism lately. Thanks in advance.
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    That's pretty broad. May I suggest you do some google scholar searches, find recent papers of interest, and investigate the groups that did the work.
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    Thanks Dr. Courtney. I am trying. I am a newbie. I tried to start this kind of work here at Miami University but couldn't.
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    Computation CM also overlaps with theoretical chemistry. Many programs would allow you to be in the physics department while doing research with a professor in that area. What kind of CM are you interested in? There are actually a lot of really good people at Rutgers, many doing stuff involving ferroelectrics and some computational work on topological materials.
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    Hi Radium,
    Thanks for responding. I am in the physics department. I want to work in a group who does work both on experimental and theory by themselves. I want to learn the experimental physics and computation work. What do you mean by "kind" - i don't understand, sorry. If you are talking about overlapping with theoretical chemistry, then I say I don't want that. Yeah, the research topic you mentioned attracts me as well. If you more info please help me, I find it hard to find papers using google scholars.
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    I understand what kind means now--------- I am basically interested in solid state physics/materials science and engineering.
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