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Need to convert 110v to 220v from 110 v inverter

  1. Jul 22, 2006 #1
    hello every one
    i just got a dc ac inverter 200w at 110v from black&decker company
    which my uncle sent me
    problem is all appliances here are rated at 220v-230v
    so i went to look for the transformer that could convert 110v to 220v
    but all the shop keepers tell me that the only transformer they have is one that converts 220 v to 110 v for 110v appliances.
    i find this a bit strange cant the transformer be used in reverse.
    i know for a fact that if i give 12v ac to a 220v to 12v transformer from the 12v side i get 220 v ac output
    i just wnt to make sure that the same can be donne with a 110v 220v transformer before i buy it
    thanks to alll
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    The transformer itself will do the job in reverse, but it sounds like it is wired into a box with a 220 volt input plug and a 120 volt output socket. Maybe a qualified individual could wire it with a 120 volt plug and a 220 volt socket output.
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