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Need Tutorial on Switchgear panels

  1. May 20, 2014 #1
    I really need proper guidance to design LV and MV Switchgear panels.
    I need to learn all about the relative topics. Can someone please help me?

    Right now I'm working in power distribution equipment manufacturer company. They already
    have manufactured Switchgears,circuit breakers and transformers.

    I just need a proper guidance to organise the documents on switchgear section.
    Can someone please guide me?

    I'm new in this field.
    HELP please
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    I think your question is way too general.
    To explain all that would take a really, really long time.

    Experience is going to be your best teacher. If you are new to the field, your employer is aware that you don't know what you are doing. They likely are going to train you from the ground up....or you are going to have to learn from the ground up....or a combination of both.
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    No trainer here... All I have is the Autocad drawings of the panels... What can I do with it?

    What should be my first step? And how do I check if they are maintaining the IEC standards properly ?

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    jim hardy

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    Find the oldest gray haired engineer in the whole place. Look at the books in his bookcase, and ask him if he'll suggest a place to start.

    I tried a search on "textbook electrical distribution" and found several, but can't recommend one because i've never used any of them. My former employer's engineering department had an outstanding reference book written in the 1950's. You'll want a book like it that includes practical details like how to brace against magnetic forces from fault current, how to wrap a tape stress cone, and the like. I dont member the author but title was simply 'Electrical Distibution" .

    Are you a member of IEEE? if not, join. They are a wonderful resource. You'll find most of your questions addressed in their standards.

    old jim
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    Bingo. Charm the heck out this guy and make him take an interest in you.

    Guiding you on a physics forum without seeing all of your documents is almost impossible.
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    Yes - mentoring! Best way. Generalized info on this topic is lethal - literally. I am sure you can get good feedback here on a specific questions or explanation - but LV & MV needs to be learned first from a safety perspective. If they are not formally training you you may want to look for another employer.
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    To OP:

    Who's the guy who is going to check your work after you are done? This is the guy you want to work with.

    If this guy does not exist at your company, and they expect YOU to be that guy, then perhaps time to fold and find another job.

    Better yet, be honest with your employer that you don't know what you are doing and need help. That way at least you are up front. If they tell you to keep plugging along then you know you are covered.

    You might want to talk to some switchgear engineers/salesmen. Sometimes they can be very helpful in the design of switchgear so they can simply sell their product. Works for both of you.

    But still, sooner or later you will need someone competent (not the salesman) to approve your work at such an early stage in your career.
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