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Nerdy and proud! How do YOU express your nerdiness?

  1. Apr 16, 2012 #1
    I bought a whiteboard and hung it up in my dorm room, and I've been happily using it whenever I'm trying to be creative on some non-trivial problem. (Or when keeping a record of my debts.)

    What about you?
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    My TV cost me $20.oo at an SPCA sale and I haven't turned it on in over a year, but my desk and computer look like something out of a science fiction movie.
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    by posting here
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    I don't really go out of my way to express nerdiness. I just am.
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    I don't see nerdiness as a good thing nor do I think of myself as nerdy.
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    Haters be hatin'
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    People who think "nerdiness" is posting xkcd comic strips everywhere is not what I consider to be "nerdy".

    Staying up 'til 2 in the morning doing math/physics homework 'cause it's friggin' awesome is nerdy.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    When you all start attending Jackie Evancho concerts, we can talk. Until then you are just wanna-be nerds.
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    Same here. I do come off as pretty nerdy to most people, though. Doesn't bother me one bit :cool:.
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    I've got a medium sized blackboard in the living room.
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    I am nerdy in the way that I could spend hours researching theoretical physics and advanced mathematics with no apparent aim or reason other than to learn.
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    I must be nerdy. When the price of the HP 15-C calculator got down to $100 at the HP online store, I ordered one. It just came today. My last HP died a few years ago, so I've been stuck with the typical algebraic-notation calculators until now. All nerds need one of these! (Even if you don't need to do matrix math with complex numbers... :tongue:)

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    I did the same thing 4 years ago and I enjoy so much by solving problems in my whiteboard as well as doing homework and so ohter things on it.
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    I express it by walking out the door. That doesn't seem to be happening an awful lot lately, though!
  18. Apr 18, 2012 #17
    I like to tell the 'what do you call a baby eigensheep' joke.
    But only to people who actually know what an eigen-anything is :p

    I don't go out of my way to show off how 'nerdy' I am nor do I think that people who post on their facebook about how 'omg im such a nerd' are actually in any way nerdy.
  19. Apr 18, 2012 #18
    I don't know the joke. tell me how it is
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    George Jones

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