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Homework Help: Net external forces

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A crate is puled to the right with a force of 75.3N and to the left with a force of 126.2N
    it is pulled upward with a force of 652.2N and downward with a force of 231.9N

    A - what is the net external force in the x direction

    B- what is the net external force in the y direction

    C - what is the magnitude of the net external force on the crate?

    D - what is the direction of the net external force on the crate (measured from the positive x-axis witth counterclockwise positive) answer in units of degrees?

    A - 75.3N-126.2N = -50.9N or 50.9N to the left??

    B - 652.2N - 231.9N = 420.3N or 420.3N up???

    c - the magnitude is the then 420.3N up and 50.9N to the left correct?

    D - not sure how to do this part?????
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    for c do i use the pythagorean theorem????

    and for d do i use sin or cos based off of my answer for c to find the angle of the force?
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    The components of the force in each direction form a right angle triangle. You can use the Pythagorean theorem to find the magnitude of the resultant vector. You can also use trig to find the angle you need.
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    are my answers correct for A and B..

    and then for C i would do

    50.9 squared + 420.3 squared = X squared

    x = 423.3708 would be the magnitude correct?

    and then it is the sin of 420.3/423.3708 would give me the answer to D???
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    Your answers for the first three parts look reasonable to me. You're on the right track for (d), the question asks you for the angle from the positive x-axis. Have you drawn out a diagram of the directions of the net forces? What angle does sin(420.3/423.3708) give you in that diagram?
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