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Neutron-Neutrino collisions and the W bosons

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    Hi, I have my AS physics exam tomorrow and the only thing on the syllabus I'm unsure of is the reaction between a neutron and a neutrino and also the reaction between an antineutrino and a proton.

    A Ve is an antineutrino, I can't work the overline codes :/

    I've seen various feynman diagrams showing different exchange particles for the reaction below:
    Ve + n > e- + p

    In my notes, the feynman diagram shows a W+ boson being given off by the Ve, but I've also seen diagrams with a W- being given off by the neutron. What does this mean? Can either happen? If I were asked what exchanged particle mediated this collision and answered W+ or W-, would I be right?

    The same problem with an anti-neutrino proton collision:

    Ve + p > e+ + n

    Again, I've seen a W- going from the Ve and I've seen a W+ going from the proton...

    Why is this? Which is right? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)
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