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Daniel , CH physicist elegant describe efficiency:

------------------- Mass - RPM - inertial forces----intake cm^3--- intake/inertia
1 main piston --- 2 ------ 2 ---- 2 * 2^2 =8 ------- 600 ------ 75
2 valve pistons - 2*1 ---- 1 --- 2 * 1 * 1^2= 2 --- 360 ----- 180

===> intake / inertia is better for valve piston than main piston.
Of course in sensible borders .

Engine new 4 stroke has changeable compressio ratio.
It's up to the angle of coupling with the main piston .

These geometric changes should be reflected in the new chart, the indicator P-V
Regards Andrew:smile:
Well, with this efficiency, it is not such a simple thing ...

Simple, traditional P-V chart did not quite fit here ....
Why? . Well, I figure capacity in cylinders is asymmetrical ...


Regards Andrew:smile:
I did not inherit new4stroke flat engine failures.

I just do not have pistons enter the combustion chamber to produce a large compression ratio , and you can build the world's first diesel engine flat ...

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to draw the diagram even in 3D, so I present only a very schematic drawing of this idea.

dolnozaworowy1.jpg" [Broken]

Regards Andrew:smile:
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I have followed this topic for a while.
As you can see on the chart, the engine has asymetrical jumping-volume V.

I assume, because of that it will be totally new thermodynamic circulation!


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