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New member with a broken window question

  1. May 25, 2017 #1
    Hi, I'm a new member!
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    I have double glazing and one of the smaller top windows has shattered. Could the use of a pneumatic drill be the cause?
    Regards May.
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    Well, if you put a pneumatic drill right up to the glass and turned it on, yeah, it could be the cause. Absent that, I think you'll have to help us out with what you are talking about. The use of a pneumatic drill five counties over would not likely be the cause. See how it might be helpful if you were less vague?
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    This sounds a lot like a "I think my neighbor damaged my property" question. Just to preempt such a question, this is not something a Physics Forum will answer.
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    Hi, sorry I didn't explain myself properly...my age...83. The builders were working next door and they were using the pneumatic drill to go through concrete.
    He did knock to ask me to cover up the fireplace as he was concerned that soot might damage the carpet etc!
    The noise was horrendous. I won't complain, I just wondered why the window shattered
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Since they did warn you about falling soot in the chimney, it seems plausible that the vibrations were part of the reason that your window cracked. Likely there were other stresses or other factors that contributed, since all the windows in your home did not crack as well.

    But as mentioned already, we generally are not able to help with liability questions here at the PF. For a better opinion, you would need to consult an expert in your area who could conduct an in-person inspection. Sorry about your window!

    Thread is closed.
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