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Really need your help peoples.... Built my own computer a couple years ago and the new case came with a cheap Power Supply Unit that recently began failing. While booting, the power connection fails and everything shuts off and I have to wiggle the power cord plug and try again. No...its not the power cord. So I bought a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610. From reading independent tests and reviews - this power supply should "rock". My power needs are fairly low and simple. I don't game on this computer. Motherboard is ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe, with Intel Pentium 4 2.4 G single core processor, medium duty Asus 128 meg video card, dual SATA hard drives run in RAID array (stripe), cd rom and floppy big power demands for checking email and surfing.

I should note that my new Silencer 610 has a 24 pin main plug and my motherboard is a 20 pin. I surfed this before buying and learned this is no issue....the extra 4 pins are "extra". The +4 are detachable for that reason - just detach and go. Plugged it all in, turned it on....lights, fans, beep, hard drives singing....all seems a go....but no display! The monitor "sleep mode" light stays orange rather than going greem and powering up. WTF??? Rechecked all the plug ins, reseated the video card, reseated the ram sticks(2 512 Crucial 3200 sticks) no avail.

Finally went downstairs to an old pentium 4 pc and pulled the 300 watt psu from it.....and installed it in my computer. Powers right up! Display works fine. I concluded something must be wrong with the new psu and RMA'd it back to Newegg. Received the new replacement unit last night. SAME THING!!!!

Please don't respond with guesses like reseating the video card or ram sticks. I really need something more informed if anyone out there has experience with this type of issue and might be able to direct me on what to search or how to resolve. I suspect the power units are fine and there is some incompatibility issue here. But what? Can I resolve it with a bios setting or ???? I don't want to use this old 300 watt unit....need it in the other computer and I'm "stuck" with the Silencer (which is supposed to be a great unit!).

I'm ready to add another computer to the collection and I'll use the Silencer in a new one if impossible with this system. So it won't collect dust.

BTW - running windows XP w/SP2. Anyone?
Update - My Asus motherboard has an option to do voice messages during the Post part of bootup (as an option rather than the normal "beeps"). I enabled it in the bios, then installed the Silencer psu that doesn't wake the monitor out of sleep mode. The message that sounds is that a problem exists with the cpu. So I swapped the cpu with another Pent 4 I have. Same message....problem with cpu. I reinstalled the cheapo 300 watt psu and presto....the 2nd cpu works fine also. What is with these Silencer psu? Incompatible or faulty???

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