New Wonder Material Borekphene I mean Borophene

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New Wonder material: Borophene

Not so long ago, graphene was the great new wonder material. A super-strong, atom-thick sheet of carbon “chicken wire,” it can form tubes, balls, and other curious shapes. And because it conducts electricity, materials scientists raised the prospect of a new era of graphene-based computer processing and a lucrative graphene chip industry to boot. The European Union invested €1 billion to kick-start a graphene industry.
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jim mcnamara

MIT review -

A single layer of Boron atoms, the atoms arrange into crystals with 6 members, and occasionally fewer member atoms, which create a void. And interesting properties. Graphics are in the MIT post.

Given that graphene was the wunderkind material for while, mostly with no major practical developments, IMO, I guess we something else to think about. I still think graphene is really cool.
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Borophene, germanene, graphene, phosphorene, silicene, stanene... and these are just the mono-atomic monolayer materials.

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