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Newman motor

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    . I tried making a newman motor according to a video on youtube. I have copper wires coiled around a plastic pipe, 200 above and 200 coils below the middle of the plastic pipe. The shaft in between is made of iron and it is quite thick. Now when I connect a 9v battery to the two ends of the copper wires, one above and one below, with some magnets in the pipe, around the shaft, nothing happened. I need help. Where did I go wrong?

    Thank you
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    Newman as in Joseph Newman? If that's the case, where you went wrong is falling for a perpetual motion hoax.
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    Yes, I would trust the wikipaedia entry on this one:

    Voodoo science. I like the sound of that.

    The Crank entry is a fun read also:

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    If that is the case, is there any method of building an electric motor for a toy car, powered by 9V? Thanks.
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    Build Your Own Simple DC Motor
    http://www.flinnsci.com/Documents/demoPDFs/PhysicalSci/PS10405.pdf [Broken]
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    ok. Thank you!
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