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No need to close a QP thread? Just ask a person to leave it?

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    Dear Zz,

    There is no need to close the thread on Harrison's inequality, against the possible interests of others.

    I will make no further contribution to it.

    I would suggest that a request to leave a QM thread would be honoured by most participants. In that way threads could continue for the benefit of those remaining.

    PS: At no time did I take your comments to be a joke. At all times I was seeking to reply to challeges that had been issued. I will now answer those challenges elsewhere. I apologise for trying your patience. I appreciate your efforts and had no wish to make them more difficult.

    Regards wm
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    If it's not closed it's just there for some partisan to ressurect and the whole sorry schmear happens all over again. It was open long after some of us thought it should have been closed. Let it lie.
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    Thanks for the explanation

    Thanks for the explanation. And I understand your ''closing'' comments.

    For, from what I followed on the thread, the subject of its OP (Harrison's inequality) may not have been raised at all???

    (I'd committed to staying off the thread until I'd completed some homework. A position that I breached today in trying to (helpfully?) return the thread to somewhere near its origins.)

    Back to my homework! A slow learner but a thorough one -- I'll let it lie.

    With thanks again, and best regards, wm
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