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Nobel prize for Brown and Batygin?

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    If hypothesised planet nine is really discovered in the outskirts of our Solar system, will M. E. Brown and K. Batygin have a chance to win the Nobel prize in physics or is this too much of an old hat for the Nobel-commitee?
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    If Clyde Tombaugh didn't get one for discovering the hypothesised planet nine back in the 30's, it would seem a bit unfair to give it to the new boys; it wasn't his fault that the IAU reclassified it as a dwarf :-)

    I guess it would come down to whether the techniques they developed to discover it "conferred the most outstanding contributions for mankind in the field of physics"
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    If Planet X belongs to the solar system and is estimated to be 200 to 1200 AU from the sun, and Voyager 1 is only 134 AU from the sun, how can Voyager 1 have left the solar system?
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