Non Conductive non feromagnetic but resistant material

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I am looking for a material that does not conduct electricity and thus cannot as well become ferromagnetic, but offer enough structural (mechanical) strength to hold up to 10 kg of equipment. The material will be used to create a montage that enable positionning of the equipment. One should be able to machine the material (?!). Thank you for assisting and guiding.

You could use an aluminum covered with zinc plating bar, (fully non-conductive.) Commonly used for engine testing on turbo fan systems. Though I have heard that it may be expensive.

Thanks fior the information. I know that Aluminum is not ferromagnetic, but conductive. However, will it affect a powerfull magnetic field even with the zinc plating bars?

I am not familiar with the zinc plating bar. Would you have a place to go for me to check it out? Also, are they ways to plate (cover?) aluminun with zinc (electric, chemical process?)?

All the above is used in a powerful magnetic field and the field we generate should not be altered thus non conductive and non ferromagnetic materials such as wood, nylon (does not offer enough strength unless there are derived material that offer greater strength) or... I incidently learned that carbon fiber is conductive. is that rigth?

Thank you for your help.


I do BELIEVE carbon fiber is conductive. I wonder, is there a lot of heat that this has to withstand? I also wonder if kevlar is conductive, because it is quite a strong material.
Lots of thermal energy/heat that this has to withstand?
Kevlar - good idea. I have to look if this is conductive or not.

About the heat:the equipment become hot and the whole montage will host a cooling system because the equipment can shut down if too hot. We are not talking thousand degrees - maximum 200 celsius which we will not reach because of the cooling system - nothing that would melt or ignite kevlar I believe.

Is Kevlar part of the polymer or fiber? Appreciate your guidance. Thanks.
Why not just use a plastic like a glass filled nylon?
Good idea. Is it non britle and can it stand strength? How do we work it? Thermoform or machining? Thanks.

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