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Nonrelativistic perihelion drift, best references ?

  1. Oct 9, 2007 #1

    I have found several overviews on the classical perihelion drift calculation from the planets perturbations.
    However, I could not identify what the best reference would be.

    I am -of course- interrested by those calculations that garantee a precision compatible with the discussion of the GR corrections.
    I would also prefer the clearest and most synthetic presentation.
    Finally, it would be nice if this paper would be available on the net. :rolleyes:

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  3. Oct 15, 2007 #2
    I am still interrested in a reference on the classical calculation of the perihelion drift of mercury.
    I took quite some time to Google for that and could not find what I am looking for.
    Very surprising.

    I would just like to see the detailled analytical derivation for the perihelion drift.
    Starting from the equations of motion, detailling a perturbation theory and providing the end result.

    I found several references modeling the perturbing planets orbits by massive circles or ellips.
    But the model is never derived from the Newton's equation.
    Should I see how to do that, I would be happy enough.
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