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In summary, the individual is attempting to put a fan into a helmet using a 3.7VDC, 650mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. They are having trouble finding a compatible DC fan and have considered using three rechargeable AAAs instead. However, they do not want to use a battery holder and would prefer to find a 3V DC fan. The expert suggests using Digikey to find a 3.3V or 3V fan and mentions that primary cells like alkalines typically have longer battery life than rechargeable batteries.
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Hey guys. I am trying to put a fan into a helmet. I have a 3.7VDC, 650mAh lithium ion rechargable battery. I have sourced and found a great battery! The afore mentioned battery is the constant. Now I am having problems finding a DC Fan that will work with my battery. So far I have found only 5V DC Fans. I feel as though I am not getting enough power to run the fan! When I hook the 3.7V battery up to the fan, it only last about 4 hours on one charge. When I hook 3 1.5V AAA batteries up to the same fan, it runs much stronger and longer! What do you suggest I do in order to complete my project? I do not think a 3V DC fan exists. Thanks in ADVANCE!
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How about using three rechargable AAAs?
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I thought about that, but the Lit-Ion is SUPER THIN and Small! In order to do 3 AAA's I would have to get a battery holder, and then somehow mount it to the helmet. I would prefer not to do that. That is why I thought I would ask the experts
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Digikey shows one 3.3V fan and one 3V fan. Use the "Voltage" property in the right-hand column of this selection guide to pick one or the other or both, and then click on "Apply Filters":;keywords=fan

You will always get better battery life from primary cells like alkalines, versus rechargeable batteries of the same size. The choice to use rechargeable comes down to economics and convenience (is it easier to recharge rather than replace repeatedly).

1. What is a DC fan?

A DC fan is a type of electric fan that runs on direct current (DC) power. Unlike traditional AC fans that use alternating current, DC fans are powered by a constant flow of electricity in one direction.

2. How do I calculate the power needed for a DC fan?

The power needed for a DC fan can be calculated by multiplying the fan's voltage (V) by its current (I), measured in amps (A). This will give you the fan's power consumption in watts (W).

3. Can I use any power supply for a DC fan?

No, you cannot use any power supply for a DC fan. The power supply must match the fan's voltage and provide enough current to power the fan. It is important to use a power supply with the correct specifications to avoid damaging the fan.

4. How do I increase the power of a DC fan?

The power of a DC fan can be increased by using a higher voltage power supply or by using a fan with a higher voltage rating. However, it is important to make sure that the fan can handle the increased power and that the power supply can provide enough current.

5. Is it safe to modify a DC fan to increase its power?

Modifying a DC fan to increase its power can be dangerous and is not recommended. It is important to use the fan as intended and to follow proper safety guidelines when working with electricity.

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