Normalise to unity

  1. consider the wave packet psi(x, t=0) = C*exp(i*p0*x/hbar)*exp(-[x]/(2*deltax))
    where C is the normalisation constant
    part a) normalise psi(x) to unity
    I took Integral from negative infinity to positive infinity of ([psi]^2)dx and got [C]^2 * ( Integral from negative infinity to 0 of exp(x/deltax)dx + Integral from 0 to positive infinity of exp(-x/deltax)dx )
    However this gives me [C]^2 * 0 and there is no number for C that i can think of that can make it equal to 1. Im thinking C must be some complex number, but i dont know where to go from here...
    Note: this is for a introductory QM class
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    You did the integrals wrong. The result is not 0.
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