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Not that I'd do anything illegal, but hypothetically

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    Remember how napster worked? Now that they are no longer around what are the best substitutes? I used to use mIRC for all my file sharing needs, now I have Shareazza. Is there anything out there better? Shareazza almost works great, there just aren't quite enough users out there. So some files can only be partially downloaded before the person I'm getting the file from goes offline, and sometimes there aren't any other sources to choose from.
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    I use Kazaa. I have today downloaded Maple 7 (32 Mb)
    Just in this moment there are 470 million of files shared in Kazaa

    Ps: I could also have downloaded Maple 8, but in this moment I only have 150 Mb free in my hard disk, and maple 8 is 96 MB in size. So... :frown:

    Anyway, I do not think that Maple 8 can be much better than maple 7
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    Don't know, as I haven't my own computer, but I do know from reading a little bit at "Symantecs" site, that Kazaa et al run you risks if your not reeeeal careful, and on computers, nobodies really (ever) careful enough....have Fun!

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    There are some anonymous p2p networks, there was one featured at techtv. I'm too sleepy to search for it so good luck. Or just download Kazaalite and the new version called Kazaa Resurrection.
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    lol, if you are too tired to search for it turn off your computer and go to bed. Never let it be said tribdog contributed to anyone's lack of sleep. I'll take it from here and thank you.
    Although now that I think about it, I've spent most of my adult life trying to get people to go to bed, without much success. Even Rip V. Winkle said "You go to bed without me, I'll sleep when I'm dead." and one or two prostitutes have told me "Keep your money. I'd rather have Pimp Rico slap me around than go to bed with you." But I digress. Thanks for the info and sleep if you wanna.
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    Kazaa is somewhat anonymous. There are a few safety features that try to protect you against the RIAA.


    Users not getting a list of your shared files is the main one. That does not disable sharing, it just means users can't search just what you alone have.
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    Direct Connect is pretty good too. But be prepared to be sharing more than 10GB of files to get anything decent.
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    Speaking of Direct Connect, if you're in college, many colleges have a private DC hub. My brother can download just about any--since he's at a sizeable college--movie in about 5 minutes off his college's DC hub. You might look into it.

    And the RIAA isn't likely to go after you unless you're the hub host or a top sharer!

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    ShawnD, it only takes a simple netstat at the command prompt to see somebody's IP
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    A long time ago I used Limewire before the RIAA got crazy. (Now what RIAA? What are you going to do? Convinct me of not using Limewire? HUH? HUH?)

    I use to just download stuff and import the stuff onto iTunes, then delete the songs on my shared folder.

    Problem solved.

    It's not hard to outsmart the RIAA...not that I'd ever dare try.
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    ahhh, I see. It appears we went to different Kindergarten classes. My teacher taught me that sharing went both ways. Your definition of sharing seems remarkably similar to an action that would get me standing with my nose in the corner.
    "Mrs. Letchinberg! Dagenais won't share his crayons!"
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    Come on, Dag. Share those files.
    If everybody stopped sharing files, sharing programs would be totally useless. And without programs like Kazaa, how are we supposed to find out how bad movies like Gigli are? (curious to see how bad it is but not willing to pay for it since I know it sucks).
  14. Mar 29, 2004 #13
    Humm I think it's called "reading the review" rather then pirate the movie...then again if a pirated movie, and you like it, do you then go out and make the payment for it???
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    Nope. 25 bucks for a DVD is a scam.
  16. Mar 29, 2004 #15
    Yeah $25 for a piece of plastic is a scam, but not when you factor in the cost of the Content that is upon the CD...then we play a very different game, Business...you do know what that is, Right? (Some one's JOB, probably one (maybe more) in the US too!)
  17. Mar 29, 2004 #16
    DC++ (where it's at!! Oh man! Not the best speeds, but you can find ANYTHING)

    Bittorrent (great speeds for anything recent. HArd to find rare stuff)

    Then there is station ripper. (something like the twin streams one works well. By FAR the best way to get bulk. You can set it to point at multiple shoutcast servers, and download the music into a specified directory. You don't get to choose what you are getting, but most stations are set to a genre. I get an easy 6-10GB a day if I just leace it running.)

    Kazaa, and it's clones, is pretty lame. Tons of fake files, very little sharing. (DC++ has hubs that require 100GB to get into and people are often sharing over a TB. )

    IRC has been getting hit like crazy from the RIAA. I don't waste my time with it anymore than chatting these days.
  18. Mar 29, 2004 #17
    Ha, 10GB? Things don't start heating up until atleast 50 :wink:
  19. Mar 29, 2004 #18

    Movies that I'm interested in, I will see at the theatre, and sometimes download just to see it some more before it comes out on DVD. I don't buy DVD new realeases, but have dropped multiple hundreds on the 9.99 Best buy rack.

    Music depends. I pretty much buy everything I really like, however, the insane DMCA says that if I download a song that I own, I am still breaking the law. However, the industry then locks the CD's so I can't rip them for my MP3 Player. It is faster for me to download songs than it is for me to take the time fo find out how to break the latest copy protection. I probably own 75% of the songs that I download, and the rest I bet I haven't listened to since the day I first downloaded it.

    Finally there is games. Unlike movies and music, I will admit that there is maybe 1% of the population that makes legit backup copies of their games, so I will not ***** too much about the a new safedisc protection coming out every 3 months. I download games to try them out. Any online play requires a serial usually anyway, and I don't mind buying it if the game is that good.
  20. Mar 29, 2004 #19
    I dunno where you buy your DVD's, but even the new releases at best buy are usually 18.99-19.99
    You can't blame the industry for tax, so that doesn't add into the equation.

    I don't agree with your statement about movies, because after all most of them are quite inexpensive after 6 months of release (9.99).
    On the other hand is music, in which there are CD's that I bought 6 years ago and they are more expensive now than then. I don't understand how that can be. If CD's went down to where I could walk out with a disc for 10 bucks, like I do a movie, I'd be much more inclined to buy a CD - but then there is the issue of me not being able to get half the music that I listen to, because no record companies in the US will sign many of them (even though they hit the number one charts throughout the nordic countries and germany.)
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    Oh BS. LOTR has made over a billion dollars. Did it cost a billion to make those movies? Dogma cost 10 million to make, but according to IMDB, it grossed over 30 million in the US alone. Terminator 2 cost 100 million to make, but grossed 500 million worldwide.
    I'm sure it cost then $25 to burn a 30 cent DVD.
    The only DVDs I plan on buying are the ones for TV shows like Chappelle's Show or maybe Family Guy.

    I find that Direct Connect isn't very good because nobody has any good files. I searched several hubs for the movie Evil Dead but not 1 person has it. I went on Kazaa and there are 205 users who are sharing that movie. The fake files on Kazaa are mostly with movies that are hyped such as Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, The Hulk, Spiderman. Movies that are not so popular (like Dogma or Mallrats) are never fake. Even if you do start downloading a fake file, you can just preview the file to see if it's what you wanted.

    The only problem is that the most populated hub for DC has only about 1200 people in it. If everybody there had 1TB, that would be 1,200,000GB (assuming 1000GB in a TB, which is incorrect).
    Right now, Kazaa says 3.2 million users on right now sharing a total of 4,368,512GB.
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