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Nothing much works not even norton

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    I have uninstalled and reinstalled my norton anti viruse program and it refuses to work. the last time its not even showing up in my add/remove programs. I have some serious computer problems an no way to fix it
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    Reformat and install windows.

    [edit] nm, I saw your follow up thread.
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    If its a good antivirus program you need then try out Avast Antivirus, its free and sometimes detects viruses on my comp that norton can't seem to detect..
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    get a program from codestuff, called starter - it displays everything that loads up with your computer, and take stuff off that isnt associated with the c://windows folder (unless you know what it is and use it) also just a sort of extra files named packager, back-to-web, download-to-home, ebatesmoemoneymaker0, and files similiarly named are usualy adware, that most programs checking for adware dont recognise

    also get a registry mechanic - most good ones cost money, but often offer a trial - download.com is a good place - also i use a program called registry mechanic of which i have...fixed, which is a beautiful program that will solve any sort of virus and such sorts of problems

    ---personaly i distast antivirus programs, for the shear fact i have never found any use in them, since all viruses worth noting are initialised through the registry - due to startup (unless somehow it was done by like a super genious guy who can initialise with the BIOS, which is near impossible to do effectively without needed direct access to the computer) - also a major thing about viruses, is personal knowlage on what to and not to do online - i encourage browsers with popup blocking, such as firefox - also if you have XP and havent turned off the messanger service, i encourage you to do so - and always theres the email stuff of dont open it unless you know whom its from, also ive been noticing a surplus in the, your hotmail|yahoo|so on so forth account will be deactivated if you dont confirm at a site or email| also you can get a virus by simply opening an email, even on html based email accounts, though its harder to get a trojen from them, due to impossibility to track you on most occasions
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    tsunamijoe... you mean you don't use any antivirus program? just the starter prog and registry mechanic you mentioned?
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    I had this trouble a few weeks ago. I called Symantec and they walked me through uninstalling it before reinstalling. I had to remove entries from the registry. After the process, I was able to get it running fine.
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    z4955 - that is correct, though note i only do it efficiently because i know the thorough ins and outs of my computer so that if i get something, i know the slowdown in my computer so i can immediately run a registry scan|and as i said before, which i need to stress, personal know-how is imperitive in not catching viruses, but i imagine my technique could also work for your average person(not calling you ave, just making example)| also just to note my computer has in it, alot of viruses, but none of them are active because I have disabled there startup registry - then later deleted the registry, about every few months i will go through and delete them out, but just so long as a virus doesnt initialise itself with your computers startup, then they cannot do anything...unless started by the user somhow?
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