Now sit together and play nicely!

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    It has been suggested, and apparently without opposition so far, that members of Congress are no longer seated separately, by party. The idea being that by simply mixing up the seating arrangement, a psychological wall will come down.

    A simple gesture, perhaps, but it has all the overtones of an idea with insidious, simple elegance. I am all for it!
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    Me too. Have to start somewhere, a tangible gesture could be a good start.
  5. Good aisles make good neighbors.
    South Korea:
  6. Here are a few more:
    Sri Lanka:
  7. :rofl: I have to give the Administration credit on this one - really! With all of the new Republicans "in the House" - there will be a lot less people standing up to show support - for him.

    If he wants to see the whole room stand up - then say something that makes sense.

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    So you are suggesting that rather than taking credit for a highly bipartisan gesture, Obama conspired to allow a Freshman Senator have all the glory? Nevermind that the Dems still own the Senate, which is where it started. I guess the Republicans giving their thumbs up rather than deferring comment are in on it as well?

    And Jimmy predicts a bar fight if we change the seating? Are you saying that all of those fights wouldn't have happened if the seating was different? If so, do you have any evidence for this or is it just wild speculation with no basis in fact?
  9. Ivan Seeking

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    The Tea Party has made it clear that they don't want compromise or diplomacy. They don't want to see a functional Congress that works together. Could this be the basis for the objections?
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    I love the idea. And if some Kung Fu fights should break out, so much the better!
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    when a member of PF starts telling me about the other the party, I almost want to stop listening, because I know what is going to follow is going to be false, because they just don't know the people in the other party very well.
  12. shbingo!
  13. Hurkyl - you are always fair (IMO).

    Do you think changing seat assignments will actually change anything other than the depth perception of unity?
  14. Not directed at me, but, nope. I think it's still worth doing, if only because I'd dearly love to see a congressional brawl.
  15. russ_watters

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    Yeah, I don't watch C-Span, but this could change that!
  16. They should arm each member with nerf swords, lances, shields, and maces! Their aides could be their squires... meleeeeeeee!
  17. No I don't. I think that this is an attempt to fix something that isn't broken. I presented a few examples of what it looks like when it's broken. As for a Congress that works together, I don't want to see it. From here it looks like a one-party system.
  18. That's as dead on as a post can get. Just don't expect them to ever realize (or admit) it.
  19. Are you making an ironic point by saying, "them", or do you truly not get it?
  20. OK, I'll bite: What is it you think I don't get?
  21. Who is "them". In a general way, you're still unwilling to let go of the desire to divide into oppositional groups; you just re-define them.

    edit: I actually recognize that I've earned "I'll bite". I laughed at that, because frankly, I need to work on it.
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