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Nth Quantisation and Cosmology

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    This article on 4th Quantisation


    Takes the WDW equation to 3rd Quantisation to understand the spawning of universes from false vacua from a Multiverse

    And Furthermore goes to 4th Quantisation to investigate multiverse interactions

    Is this the best way to understand how false vacua lead to spawning of a universe or a multiverse, ie is this best practice physics, mainstream physics
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    Are you familiar with inflation? Much of the early work done on inflationary phase transitions in which the false vacuum decays into our observable universe was done throughout the early 80's and is based on QFT in curved space. No need to even talk WDW.
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    I am aware of the inflationary cosmologies, but I was wondering why they are using Nth Quantisation to explain away Universe interactions

    Why is this Quantisation approach used separately in addition to inflation to account for the end state of universes from false vacua
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    I don't think I can be of much help here -- WDW, quantum cosmology, and multiverses are all very speculative pursuits. Inflation based on QFT in curved space is a comprehensive, solid framework that helps us understand the early universe. I would say, then, that you don't need to use nth quantisation at all to understand the inflationary universe.
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