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I Nuclear g-factor

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    Looking at the Wikipedia page for the Lande g-factor, I'm a bit confused. I thought that [itex] g_I\approx5.585[/itex], that of the proton, but then there is the line saying that

    It makes sense that the nuclear and Bohr magnetons would differ by the mass ratio, but I thought [itex] g_s \approx 2[/itex], [itex]g_L=1 [/itex], and [itex] g_I\approx5.585[/itex]. Then the additional factors in the Lande calculation would account for the different [itex]J,S,F [/itex].
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    I believe that the Wiki page is discussing atoms rather than nucleii.
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    You're right. I was confusing the nuclear g-factor of a proton with the nuclear g-factor of an atom.
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