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Number theory

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    Please I have read texts about changing the bases of numbers but still I have difficulties in
    doing, may s'body instruct me for example..

    Change 3145 to base 8

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    Why don't you first write 314_5 in base 10 and then transform it to base 8?
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    First convert to base 10. Do you know what the 3 represents in 3145?
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    "Base" here is more specifically called "radix", but the word base is almost always used in English except in advanced academic texts.
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    Maybe I shouldn't do this, but since this is not the homework forum:

    [itex](3*5^2)+(1*5)+4=?[/itex]. Now express the result in base 8. Hint: [itex]100_{8} = 64_{10}=8^2[/itex]
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    Ufortunately, after 8 responses, Frank Jumby hasn't responded to any of the questions asked.
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