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Numeric algorithm (of projectile motion with drag)

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    Using the suggested algorithm steps of the University Physics extra http://wps.aw.com/wps/media/objects/877/898586/topics/topic01.pdf" [Broken] I want to make Maple (ver. 10) output values for coordinates, speeds and accelerations (as described in the linked PDF).

    I've reached the 5th step, which is to be looped, through step 9. However, I'm not quite sure how that is best done. If it is possible to do using only a few "do"-commands.

    Step 5 calculates acceleration components ax and ay, neccessary for the calculation of the speed after a time DeltaT.

    Do I have to, e.g., calculate the first components of ax and ay before I can setup a regular do-loop (since all unknowns would then be defined for the same time t)?

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    Can I use the piecewise-function?
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