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Nuts and Bolts Books on Strings, Branes and/or Loop Quantum Gravity

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    Does anyone know of any good problem solving books on strings, branes and/or loop quantum qravity? I am looking for something that has a lot of actual solved problems, something in the spirit of Schaum's Outline Series, Zetteli's book on QM, or Peskin and Schroeder's book on QFT. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Downloadable PDFs or class notes are to be included in this search.
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    barton zwiebach has a textbook on string theory for undergrads coming out in january. it doesn t look very much like a schaum s outline, but it least it doesn t assume you are an expert on conformal field theory and supersymmetry before hand.
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    That looks like a good one, what I am looking for anyway. Thanks.
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