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In the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes of the United Kingdom (UK), the three levels are:

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  1. K

    Analyzing applied torque to one of lug nuts instead of wheel center

    We all know that torque consists of force and distance. If we apply torque to the center of a car wheel, the force that the tire exerts to the ground can be calculated by dividing the torque by tire radius but what about applying torque to one of lug nuts which is off center? In the above...
  2. space-milk

    Courses Taking 5 UD math courses in a single semester - nuts?

    Greetings all, The classes in question: Statistics, Probability Theory, Abstract Algebra II, Discrete Math II, and Combinatorics. Considering the overlap between some of these courses, would it be wise to take them concurrently? If you had to remove one class, which one would it be and why...
  3. M

    Anti Backlash Nuts: Calculating Force & Backlash

    Hi, On the internet I have seen "anti backlash nuts" Anti backlash nut example (see image), I searched on the forum but couldn't find any related topics. But it has made me interested how this should be considered as there is (in my opinion) another force namely, the Force occurred due to the...
  4. A

    Physics Beginning Physics Studies at Age 39: Is it Nuts?

    From a cursory glance, this seems to be a commonly posed question. While, I do apologize for what may be duplication, I hope people will keep in mind that as each individual's circumstances are unique, so may the opinions & answers they engender. I am considering going back to university to...
  5. SamRoss

    I Why Is the Green Observer Always the Bent One in the Twin Paradox?

    I feel a little guilty writing this post because I'm sure there are people here who are tired of answering questions about the twin paradox, hence the FAQ post on the subject, but there's something which is still nagging me. First I have a question about the FAQ post itself. Toward the bottom of...
  6. D

    News This hurricane Harvey/Irma is nuts

    This is a picture my buddy sent me. There is an interstate underneath all this water. Anyone in Texas, be safe!
  7. C

    Leadscrew Nut for CNC Stages: Flange & Bolt Pattern

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the nut which has a flange or plate with a bolt pattern parallel to the direction of travel. They are often used in cnc stages. I know there are retainers for nuts that do the same function, but I am looking for the name of the nut that is...
  8. H

    Need help to identify name and type of this nut

    Hello everyone, I am looking for one special type of nut (see image) for weeks without success. It is used to connect threaded part and syringe needle. This thing is driving me nuts. Is there any place to get similar ones or what is the exact name of nut in this shape? Thanks!
  9. M

    I'd like to completely teach myself Physics -- Am I Nuts?

    I'm 19 (female) but left school when I was 16 due to a number of horrible reasons. Lost someone close to me, then went through severe Anorexia up until last year. I've finally got my life back on track and feeling good about the future. In School I always gravitated towards English/History...
  10. Steven Ellet

    How do computers interpret binary code for text?

    If I am too vague, please let me know How do computers read binary? I know that the 1s and 0s represents on and off. if I spell out "hello" in binary using lamps 0=off and 1=on and I take that and try to feed that info to my pc, well I'm going to fail because my pc has no way of handling that...
  11. louie13

    Bicycle Wheel Nut Design: Material Selection and Heat Treatment Considerations

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to design some custom nuts for my bmx wheel axle but I have a few questions which I thought you guys might be able to help me with. First of all I've created an autodesk inventor model of the flange style nut I want to create but I'm not sure what material...
  12. Sarlacc

    Average Speed Over Given Distance - Driving me Nuts

    "A car accelerates from rest over 400 metres in 19 seconds. The driver then brakes and the car stops in 5.1 seconds with constant deceleration." Part one of the question is "calculate the acceleration for the first 400m" which went just fine: x=ut+(1/2)at^2 400=180.5a a=2.22 m/s Now the...
  13. P

    This trig equation is driving me nuts

    I have probably put around two hours into this question to no avail! 6sin2(x) - 3sin2(2x) + cos2(x)=0 I have too many fruitless attempts to bother typing them all out.. But my instincts at first told me that this looks like a quadratic equation. I have tried using the double angle...
  14. N

    Physics Center of Mass, driving me nuts

    Homework Statement A stone is dropped at t = 0 s. A second stone, with a mass 2.00 times that of the first, is dropped from the same point at t = 0.220 s. Assuming that neither stone has yet reached the ground, how far from the release point is the centre-of-mass of the two stones at t...
  15. fluidistic

    [Ecology] I think I'm nuts about ecology

    As an aspirant scientist, physicist to be more precise, I believe it would be "normal" to be an ecologist. In fact I've always taken care of the Earth in my life since I've been taught to be respectful toward it. This means don't throw objects in nature, don't kill amphibians, don't burn...
  16. Ivan Seeking

    Breaker, breaker, do we have any former CB nuts here?

    Dating myself here. Today I was reminded of an old hobby of mine - CB Radios. When I was about 14 years old, I thought this and ham were about the coolest things in the world. So I started to learn Morse code for my ham license, got a CB radio and a decent antenna, and had at it. And man oh...
  17. M

    Circuit is driving me nuts

    Hi, I have attached a diagram of a wye connected motor load with open neutral. The circuit shows an inverter state with a DC-bus voltage from terminal A to G (ground). The following equations should hold: V_AN = Z*Ia + Ea V_GN = Z*Ib + Eb V_GN = Z*Ic + Ec Ia + Ib + Ic = 0 Ea + Eb + Ec = 0...
  18. P

    Trig substitution should be simple but it's driving me nuts

    Homework Statement \int x/sqrt{(x^{2}+4)} Homework Equations x=2tanx The Attempt at a Solution x=2tanx \int2tan\vartheta/\sqrt{tan^2\vartheta}+4 2/2 *\inttan/sec \intsin=-cos now is the part where i am stuck i know from using substitution that the answr should be...
  19. G

    Probability question that is driving me nuts:

    I was asked this question about a week ago and I can't figure it out. I get confused in the numbers. This is not a homework question, but I am going to phrase it like one so maybe it would be easier to conceptualize. Suppose you originally had 12 employees and 4 mundane tasks to do each...
  20. D

    Integral of sqrt(1+ln x)/(x*ln x), this is driving me nuts.

    Homework Statement Integral of sqrt(1+ln x)/(x*ln x) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I've tried substitutions and they seem to lead to nowhere. I need help getting started on this one. Thanks
  21. Kawakaze

    Troubleshooting RS232 Signals - Tips & Advice

    Hi guys, I am trying to use a USB to serial port adaptor, but I am getting no signal on the pins, I am trying to use the RTS signal to control a switch, but I am getting nothing at all out of it. Any ideas? I've had a scope on it and its just a noisy flatline no matter what its supposed to be.
  22. A

    Why Are Different Length Values in Lab Data and Graphs Correct?

    Homework Statement See 1101 attachment for lab instruction See Ms Doc for recorded data Note: the value of the length in the graph and in the data table are different. It is correct. Homework Equations μ= F_T/v^2 f_1=(1(v))/2L=v/2L δv/v=1/2 (δF_T)/F_T +1/2 δμ/μ...
  23. T

    What is the Correct Acceleration of a Book on an Inclined Plane with Friction?

    Homework Statement The 1.92 kg physics book shown is connected by a string to a 450.0 g coffee cup. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 2.58 m/s. The coefficients of friction are μs = 0.457 and μk = 0.166. What is the acceleration of the book if the slope is...
  24. A

    Momentum + coefficient of restitution this is driving me nuts

    Momentum + coefficient of restitution this is driving me nuts! Homework Statement A Mass of 2kg traveling at 2m/s is struck by a mass of 4 kg traveling at 3m/s. If the coefficient of restitution for the two materials is 0.4 calculate their final velocities. Homework Equations...
  25. rhody

    Your defininition of NUTS here's mine

    Take: One perfectly good small plane + one extreme athlete + one can red bull, + three jumping buddies + one hidden harness + at least 20 seconds of free fall (I timed it) + absolute trust in sky diving buddy = Pure Insanity... http://www.viddler.com/explore/NitroCircus/videos/2/"...
  26. T

    Simple drift speed probem driving me nuts

    Homework Statement A current of 200 mA flows in a silver wire of radius 0.8mm. Find (a) the drift speed of the electrons. (b) the number density of particles. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The answer in the book is 1.07 x 10^-5, but I'm getting 1.06 x 10^-4. Can anyone tell me...
  27. M

    How Many Moves to Solve the IMPACT Riddle Using Specific Rules?

    Hello, Folks! This is my first post and I'm pretty excited about finding this web forum with so many forums dedicated to different fields of sciences, but I thought I'd start here first. I've had this riddle for approximately a week and a half, and it has completely befuddled me: "Mr. McPita...
  28. R

    Find the amount of energy per gram in various types of nuts

    Homework Statement We lit the nuts on fire and used them to heat up the water which was in an aluminum can. We then recorded the temperate. How would I find the energy? an example of the results would be cashew mass of nut before- 1.53g temp of water before-23C mass of nut after -...
  29. U

    Electrostatics and infinately charged plate question driving me nuts

    Homework Statement An electron is released from rest 2.0 cm from an infinite charged plane. It accelerates toward the plane and collides with a speed of 1.0x10^7m/s. What is the surface charge density of the plane?The answer is 2.52×10−7 C/m^2 ! Homework Equations v=d/t, d=0.5at^2...
  30. turbo

    Commercial FM radio is driving me nuts

    My Sony 400-CD carousel died last week, and I have been waiting all that time for a replacement to arrive. My collection (about 75% of it fits in that player) is a mix of blues, rock, country, country/rock (think Poco, Buffalo Springfield, etc), bluegrass, R&B, etc. I unloaded all my CDs from...
  31. S

    Cracking Nuts with Pliers: Estimating Hand Force Needed

    Homework Statement The figure shows scale drawing of a pair of pliers being used to crack a nut, with an appropriately reduced centimeter grid. Warning: do not attempt this at home; it is bad manners. If the force required to crack the nut is 300 N, estimate the force required of the...
  32. L

    This question is driving me nuts. (counter-balancing forces)

    Hi, I am new. I need someone to help me out with this question, because I've spent the last hour and a half trying to figure this out. I have an exam tomorrow and this question might be asked. Here it is: A man's leg and cast weigh 210 N (center of the mass). The counterbalance weighs 105 N...
  33. Fredrik

    Simple problem driving me nuts :-)

    I'm embarrassed to ask, but I think this will save me some time... I'm trying to use the condition \Lambda^T\eta\Lambda=\eta to show that \Lambda_{0i}=-\Lambda_{i0}, where i=1,2,3. This is the algebraic version of the physically obvious condition that if the velocity associated with a...
  34. Ivan Seeking

    Customer Service Nightmare: Dealing With Small OEMs

    I just got a call from this guy who whines and whines and whines. :rolleyes: He is a small oem that I did a job for about seven years ago. Back then he had bought twenty-year old equipment [industrial controllers] from an HP sale and then expected it to work like the new technology. Of course...
  35. S

    Vectors and 2 dimensional motion, driving me nuts

    Homework Statement A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 21.0 m/s. The cliff is h = 46.0 m above a flat horizontal beach Initial v =21.0m/s Delta Y= 46.0 Need to know, How long after being released does the stone strike the...
  36. P

    How Fast Is a Football When It Passes 5 Meters High?

    help! its driving me nuts! a .565kg football is kicked from the ground at a speed of 22 m/s. what is its speed just as it passes between the uprights 5.0 m above the ground? please help! G: m= .565 kg v= 22m/s 5.0 m r: velocity a:no kinematics's equations
  37. B

    How do I survive the constant grind of exams and studying?

    Anyone familiar with the term 'living in the library'? Because right now I feel like it. It absolutely, completely and utterly sucks. My whole social life is worst than a snails, and even lots of time in revision I can't seem to get through my damn questions in O-chem nor on lindemann...
  38. Integral

    What Make of Car Does This Hubcap Belong To?

    Can anyone ID this hubcap. What make of car is this? http://home.comcast.net/~integral50/Hubcaps/HPIM0495a.JPG
  39. R

    Nuts About Newton: Exploring Kinetic Energy with Firing a Rifle

    This is something I read recently e / Example 5. Momentum and kinetic energy in firing a rifle example 6 The rifle and bullet have zero momentum and zero kinetic energy to start with. When the trigger is pulled, the bullet gains some momentum in the forward direction, but this is canceled...
  40. D

    Expectation value of 1s state of hydrogen driving me absolutely nuts

    My question says: "Evaluate the expectation value <1/r> of the 1s state of hydrogen. How does this result compare to the result found using the Bohr theory?" Firstly, I have been told that <1/r> does not mean <1/r> but rather that it means 1/<r>. Having made it this far I now do the 1/<r>...
  41. wolram

    What is the golden rule for torquing nuts and bolts?

    What is the golden rule for torquing nuts and bolts?
  42. S

    This problem is driving me NUTS

    Alright here's the problem. An object that has 20 grams of mass and is siwnging horizontally with a 2 meter ratius. it makes 10 rotations within 12 seconds. the question is How many times faster would the stopper have to be spun to increase the tention of the string by a factor of 4...
  43. Pengwuino

    My Teeth Going Nuts: Investigating the Unexpected Pain

    My teeth are going nuts :( Man my freaken teeth are killing me when i eat chocolate! What's going on here :( And this has happened for as long as i can remember but its been worse all of a sudden.
  44. wolram

    Pilgrim Nuts - Largest Nuts Ever Made

    The Largest nuts ever made weigh 26cwt, 1.3 tons each, and have an inside diameter of 23 inches and an out side diameter of 26 inches, known as Pilgrim nuts. they are used to secue propellers. Them guys must have huge tool boxes :biggrin:
  45. Integral

    For Aircraft nuts : Vampire pics added

    I made a trip to McMinnville Or. to the Evergreen Aircraft Museum. Thought I'd share some pics. Replicas of the Wright Flyer and the first Curtis plane. http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/EAM/EAM7.jpg The Spruce Goose. It is simply to big to get into a single image. (I need a wide angle...
  46. V

    Finding the Centre of Mass and Toppling Point of a Spinning Top

    A uniform solid spinning top has the shape of an inverted right circular cone of radius 3r and height 4r surmounted by a right circular of base radius 3r and height 6r. Find the position of the centre of mass of the spinning top and hence show that if it is placed with the curved surface of the...
  47. loseyourname

    Any Other Health Nuts Out There?

    What Do You Do To Stay Healthy? It seems odd that so many of my scientifically educated brethren neglect their health, when they know as well as anyone after all the biology and chemistry classes exactly how important maintaining a healthy body is. I eat three moderately sized meals each day...
  48. R

    Burning Nuts: Questions & Answers

    We did this experiment where we had to burn nuts. And I did not get these questions, can someone help me with them? 1) What part of the nut is burned? (is it the fat part??) 2) What is nut oil composed of?? (is it fat??) 3) Why does "nut" contain more energy than carbs or protein?? (?)
  49. K

    Absolute polynomial question (driving me nuts)

    |x^2 - 2x - 3| = -(x^2 - 2x - 3), 0 <= x < 3 x^2 - 2x - 3, 3 <= x <=4 how did they get the intervals: 3 <= x <=4 and 0 <= x < 3? I cannot, for the love of God, know how they determined it. :mad:
  50. B

    Why Is My Calculation of the Net Electric Field Incorrect?

    I'm stuck on a Electrostatic problem which I just don't seem to get. The left-hand sphere has a positive charge Q and the right-hand sphere has a negative charge -Q. Charge is distibuted uniformly over each of two spherical volumes with radius . One sphere of charge is centered at the origin...