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Homework Help: Objective confusion-Interference and Diffraction

  1. May 8, 2007 #1
    There are some objectives that I need to complete by this week. Please help me determine what they are by offering equations/experiments that relate to them. Thanks!

    Relate the amplitude produce by two or more sources that interfere constructively to the amplitude and intensity produced by a single source.

    -Calculate, for a single-slit pattern, the angles or the posititions on a distant screen where the intensity is zero.
    For a single-slit pattern, do you use the equation [tex]x=\frac{m\lambda L}{d}[/tex], with the exception that (d) equals the width of the slit? to find the distances from the central maxima to other frindges of maximums and minimums?

    -Sketch or identify the intensity pattern that results when monochromatic waves pass through a double slit, and indentify which features of the pattern result from single-slit diffraction and which from two-slit interference.

    -Describe or identify the interference pattern formed by a diffraction grating, calculate the location of inteisty maxima, and explain qualitatively why a multiple-slit grating is better than a two-slit grating for making accurate determinations of wavelength.

    -Determine whether rays of monochromatic light reflected perpendicularly from two such interfaces will interfere constructively or destructively, and thereby account for Newton's rings and similar phenomena, and explain how glass may be coated to minimize reflection of visible light.
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