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Obtaining range from bethe-bloch formula

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    While studying particle physics, i saw that the range formula is the integration dE/(dE/dx) but as you know that there are no variable E in the formula. how could that integration be done?

    well i think we can do it by ourselves and we must use a programming language and i think the trapezoidal rule would be useful to solve that.

    But i could not find out how could that integration be done please help me. thank you
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    Vanadium 50

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    But there is a velocity. From velocity you can get energy.
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    Look at Equation (1) and Figure 1 in
    http://beamdocs.fnal.gov/DocDB/0010/001068/001/A%20tutorial%20on%20beam%20loss%20monitoring.pdf [Broken]
    Eq (1) is the Bethe Bloch energy loss equation for protons. The independent variable is β. The integrated range is obtained by iteration of

    dx = dE/[dE/dx]

    Bob S
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