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Okay, I am burned out!

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    I have my last two finals in about 8 hours. I am burned out. Not because of I studied a lot. In fact I didn't do much. Most of time I am like this. During regular school days, I probably study the most of all my peers even going out the text and class room materials, falling a sleep while reading. But when the time calls for studying for final, I just get burn out by the mere thought of studying for the sake of testing. I am sure a lot of you share the same mood. I just want to hear from you and get some advices. To summarize, I hate school, seriously believe that I can be much more learned if study by myself with few good friends around who doesn't mind spending 5 hours of trouble shooting problem that is not likely to be on the test. Seriously, but I probably will never quit school for two reasons. I am too close to graduate, and I am simply afraid that I am not good enough. :grumpy:
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    i seem to get like that now, then i see something that draws me in that make everything i'm doing fun (eg. i was flipping through the channels saw a him doing an interview on a small circus and watched someone come out holding a led powered cube that was using light tricks on the eyes, so it made want to work it out). i'd imagine chemistry is the same (right now it's taking me making my own sodium floride toothpaste) just find something you like or need and apply the same problems to something real. if you feel burned out you have to put the work down and have fun or get some sleep and come back.
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    Yeah -- just take some time off, it helps with the learning -- although with 6 hours to go you probably feel like cramming.

    As far as "hating school" -- see it as a learning experience. Even if you think you can study better on your own or in a small group, you should still attend the classes. If only that the teacher may gives hints towards what will be in the tests :wink:
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    Look past the final hurdles & aim to peak just after them, not before.

    Fight on.
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    I get exactly like you. Everytime a test comes around I couldn't care less about studying. I wouldn't say I study more than all of my peers, but I definitely never procrastinate. I have learned to live with the feeling of uselessness around finals by reassuring myself that for the most part I have learned everything already and I just need to make sure I remember it well and quickly.

    Also, I bought myself a pint of hefeweissen and saved it for the evening after finals, takes the edge off a bit.
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    Maybe the reason you are relaxed and don't study hard before exams like your peers is simply because you have been keeping up with your studying, whereas your peers wait until the last minute.
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    Yep, it happens. I tried not to study too hard before an exam or finals. I figured - I either know it or I don't. Then I'd take the test and not worry.

    To avoid burnout, I would do something that I enjoyed like building models, or exercising (weight lifting, riding my bicycle, or playing a sport like football (soccer)), or just going for a walk or hike.

    I found over the years, just taking a walk or some moderate exercise was effective in ameliorating burnout.
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    Yes, I also workout pretty much every day to keep away the boredom and give me a boost.
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    I'm the same way, I'll study my ass off through the semester then finals come and i'm like, hm....party or study? in the end, beer wins.
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    Chemist, I understand that schoolwork sometimes seems irrelevant, especially since you already study beyond what is required. But remember that if you look at the history of science, you'll find that most of the geniuses and child prodigies went to class and did their homework. I hate to say it, but there's really no substitute for doing your homework. For whatever reason, studying for an exam teaches you things that self-study won't. I guess that's why we pay $60,000 for a college degree, despite that we could theoretically get the same education for free in a public library (i.e. we pay people to prod us into learning). Maybe you could try doing homework problems along with all that extra study that you do? It might be a better motivator than studying with the intent to prepare for the exam.

    Ahh, but if you wait until finals are over, then the beer tastes all the better. I remember the hours following the last final of my undergraduate career (I just graduated back in December). That was the best Summit EPA I've ever had...and it was the first time I went drinking at noon!
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    Thats true Arunma,

    But I've found that I actually do worse on exams when I over study, I over stress myself out, but stress is always a factor that helps me excel on exams.

    I still have a 3.73 so I must be doing somthing right!
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    I have to say, I'm the opposite. I used to obsess over my homework, obsess over the test, and over study and not do s o great. As time has advanced, so has busy-ness, and so now I barely keep up with my homework. I go to class, I think about it, I turn everything in close to on time, but I don't do the daily grind. I'm just too tired when I get home. Instead, I look forward to tests, because then it's easy to prioritize my classes, and I know exactly what I have to focus on. Plus, every test means the end of the semster is closer.
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