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One way water membrane

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    Hello to all. I'm building a prototype of a portable air compressor system. I would like to place a membrane just after the tank drain that would allow the liquid water (condensate) to pass through into a canister. This membrane would allow the water to pass through by gravity. When the portable system is laid on its back or side (for transport) the water would stay in the canister and not migrate back into the tank. A "flapper" style valve would not work well because it would remain open in many of the orientations in which the system will find itself. Gore-Tex is only good for water vapor, not liquid water.

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    There are no magic materials that allow transport in one direction only (Gore-Tex lets water vapour pass in both directions and water in no direction), so I would look for mechanical systems. Does something like the attached sketch work? The inlet ends in the middle of the container, unless it gets filled too much no water will flow back in any orientation.

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    Thanks very much... You are correct about the container itself being the "trap". In fact, when I looked at the configuration of the container which I have designed, it, in essence already works much the same way. I don't think I need a "valve" at all. Thanks again!
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