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Homework Help: Organic chemistry help

  1. Nov 18, 2006 #1
    hello, ok i will get straight to the point i don't get the following questions:
    Indicate the following type of reation that is taking place, and also give an example.
    a) Alkyl halide to alcohol
    b) Alkyl halide to alkene
    c) alkyl halide to alkyne
    d) alkene to an alcohol

    i tried a), i got chloroethane + water ---> ethanol + hydrogen chloride
    that's all i understands...who can help me out a bit?

    Thank You
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    Yeah. Do you understand the mechanism of this reaction? If you do, you should have no difficulty with the other reactions.

    This link may help.

    If you're stuck somewhere, feel free to ask.
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    ummm i still don't get it .... i just don't think c was possible, alkyl hailde to alkyne? how ? the only one that's possible of doing this was condensation reaction, i think.
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    It need not be a single step conversion. Can you think of a multi step conversion to get the alkyne?
    (Hint: Alkyl dihalides)

    When you are stuck in conversions, a good idea is to work backwards (retrosynthesis). Start from the final product. How will you synthesize that? Try linking it to your initial product.
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    ok i get it now thanks.
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